Resources for Learning and Teaching Critical Thinking

[tweetmeme source=”librarianbyday” only_single=false]Critical thinking is a 21st Century Literacy everyone should be familiar with, but how do you learn it? or teach it?

Howard Rheingold and a group of educators have created the Critical Thinking Compendium with resources such as tools which includes a great list of resources to help students (and anyone) evaluate resources they find online.  Definitions are offered on the vocabulary page and  there is even a Diigo Resources page

Digital Literacy Across the Curriculum Handbook

[tweetmeme source=”librarianbyday” only_single=false]Digital Literacy across the Curriculum (pdf), from FutureLab, UK, is a 63-page handbook aimed at educational practitioners and school leaders in both primary and secondary schools who are interested in creative and critical uses of technology in the classroom. The handbook is supported by case studies (pdf) of digital literacy in practice and video case studies.

The handbook aims to introduce educational practitioners to the concepts and contexts of digital literacy and to support them in developing their own practice aimed at fostering the components of digital literacy in classroom subject teaching and in real school settings.”

The download page also includes links to case studies and video case studies.

The site includes a number of other handbooks including: Learning with handheld technologies and Designing technologies to support creativity and collaboration

found via Stephen’s Lighthouse

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