Transliteracy and Participatory Librarianship

Check out this talk Buffy Hamilton created for an event involving the Hall County School District (a sister school district here in Georgia) and Dell, Inc.  on transliteracy and librarianship

Libraries and Librarians as Sponsors of Transliteracy

This week I shared two presentations in which I outline how libraries can function as sponsors of transliteracy.  The first slidedeck was developed for a brief talk at Computers in Libraries 2010, and the second slidedeck is an expanded version delivered at a preconference session of the Alabama Library Association Annual Convention.  This resource page, while geared for the initial talk, also provides support for the second slidedeck.

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Supporting Transliteracy in a High School Library

Please see slides 28-44 from Wendy Stephens, school librarian at Buckhorn High School in New Market, Alabama.  These slides represent how Stephens is nurturing, supporting, and privileging transliterate practices in her library, including a focus on:

  • how students can use texting as a means for discussing reading and books
  • how students can use a Facebook page to mashup their content creations, such as videos, to document their school projects and interests, such as drama
  • how you can use social media to support students experiences, including her students’ work in a local art show
  • a student’s use of Twitter for publishing her poetry (with a focus on haiku)
  • students using movie making tools and YouTube for creating and sharing documentaries of their research project
  • supporting and honoring one student’s efforts to self-publish his novel (which is available on Amazon!)
  • nurturing students reading, discussion, and writing/publication of fan fiction
  • encouragement of a student’s creation of fan art that was eventually included in a book and resulted in a dedication from the author of the book
  • students’ active participation in building the library collection
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