Comcast and One Economy’s Digital Connectors Program Teaches 21st Century Skills

One of my favorite quotes about the program

I was struck by a comment from one of our Comcast Digital Connectors during a graduation. He said he’d always been the student, but he loved Comcast Digital Connectors because the community service component of the program gave him the opportunity to be the teacher. The curriculum requires 56 hours of community outreach, offering ample opportunity to spread digital knowledge. This young man said he was able to teach how broadband can make people’s lives better. What a beautiful gift to give to his community. – Comcast Digital Connectors: Year One

Some background on the program

One Economy was created to help low-income communities understand the benefits of using broadband, and making it part of their lives (what’s known as “broadband adoption”). The Comcast Digital Connectors program, our partnership with One Economy, takes that mission a step further. We’ll make it possible for hundreds of young adults ages 14 to 21 to develop their skills in using computers, applications and the Internet, and then take what they’ve learned out into their communities to make a difference.

The Digital Connectors train two to three times per week at their local school, community center or affordable housing development to hone their technical skills. The curriculum also provides them with life skills that inspire educational advancement and workforce preparation. Each Connectors team has the opportunity to see where their hard work can lead, as they interact with Comcast employees from around the country who serve as role models by lending their leadership and expertise to local programs.

Digital Connectors commit to provide several hours a month volunteering at community-based organizations, senior centers, churches, local schools, and even reaching out to their own families and friends, to make everyone aware of how broadband can change their lives and helping them to get connected.

The program has been around since 2003

The national Digital Connectors program has had many accomplishments since its inception in 2003:

  • Over 5,000 youth engaged to date
  • 56,000+ hours of community service
  • 15,000 families trained by youth on the Beehive & software
  • Partnerships with national youth organizations, Broadband Opportunity Coalition, and media leaders like Comcast and CTIA
  • Programs in housing developments, community centers, libraries, park districts, rural and urban communities & schools
  • By 2011, 167 Connectors programs and 9, 352 hours service by end of FY11, with support of the federal Broadband Technology Program

Not only does the program teach teens the 21st Century literacy skills they need it requires them to pass them on to their communities. You can get involved by volunteering

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