Barrington Area Library Media Lab and Technology Classes

A couple of weeks ago I put a call out on Twitter and Facebook asking for examples of library policies, programs, events, services etc that support translitearcy. One of the people who emailed me was Ryann Uden from the Barrington Area Library in Illonios. Ryann said:

Here at the Barrington Area Library in Illinois, we are focusing more attention on the transliteracy needs of our patrons. We are days away from opening a digital media lab (similar to one in Skokie, IL) and one of the librarians in our youth services department has been active in creating unique technology programs for kids.

Here is a link to the current and past classes created and presented by Amanda and Mike.

You can see on the website all the classes they’ve done in the past including watching videos and listening to recordings they created in classes. Great examples! I’m impressed.

Then this week she emailed me to let me know there Media Lab is open. Check out the video they made to promote it and all the software they have


YOUmedia, Coming to a City Near You

The MacArthur Foundation and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) announced plans to create 30 new youth learning labs in libraries and museums nationwide. These labs will be modeled on YOUmedia, an innovative digital space for teens, at the Chicago Public Library.

The competition application process, which will include a request for proposals, will be announced in 2011. Check back with Spotlight regularly for stories and updates.

“This partnership helps to advance IMLS efforts to make libraries and museums places for 21st century learning.  Projects like YOUmedia are pioneering efforts that use research and evidence to demonstrate how our nation’s libraries and museums can be powerful and innovative spaces for young people’s out-of-school learning,” said Marsha L. Semmel, IMLS acting director.

“Utilizing YOUmedia has redefined who I am as a person,” says Jabari Mbwelera. “I knew I wanted to do something with audio. But I didn’t have the skills or the tools that I needed to do what I wanted to do.” Mentors at YOUmedia helped Jabari gain those skills, and he and his friends have sparked each other’s creativity. Today, Jabari is on his way to college to major in audio engineering. “So yeah, it’s really changed my life,” he says.

YOUMedia: Innovate to Educate

Youth Learning Labs Modeled on Chicago’s YOUmedia to Expand Across the Country

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