Networked Literacy

Take time to read Jeff Utecht’s thoughtful post from ISTE 2010 about networked literacy.   Jeff’s working definition of networked literacy:

Networked literacy is what the web is about. It’s about understanding how people and communication networks work. It’s the understanding of how to find information and how to be found. It’s about how to read hyperlinked text articles, and understand the connections that are made when you become “friends” or “follow” someone on a network. It’s the understanding of how to stay safe and how to use the networked knowledge that is the World Wide Web. Networked Literacy is about understanding connections.

You can read the rest of Jeff’s thoughts on networked literacy by visiting his post; stay tuned for additional posts that will be forthcoming in the next few days from #iste10.

Blogs as Web-Based Portfolios

If you are a school or academic librarian, you will want to read Jeff Utecht’s new PDF, “Blogs as Web-Based Portfolios.”  In this PDF, Jeff pulls together a series of blog posts  “… to help schools looking at adopting Web Based Portfolios (WBP) as a form of assessment with students over a period of time. By adopting a web-based platform as a container in which to house portfolio content, schools give students a web-based vehicle with endless possibilities to create, collaborate and communicate their learning to the world.”   If you work in an academic or K-12 library environment, consider how you and your library program can help facilitate and support this kind of learning.

If you are attending ISTE in Denver this month, you may want to consider registering for Utecht’s workshop, “Blogs as E-Portfolios in the Classroom.”

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