Digital Learning Day

February 1st was the first Digital Learning Day designed to encourage innovative use of tech in schools. Did your library participate today?

The initiative, sponsored by the Alliance for Excellent Education, was designed to encourage exploration of how digital learning can provide more students with the opportunities to get the skills they need to succeed in life and showcase innovative teaching practices that make learning more personalized and engaging.

While the project is aimed at school libraries, there certainly MANY possibilities for public libraries to have participated. Somehow I missed the promotion for the event having been off the grid for a while or I would have tried to get more activity planned at my own library. I came across it through @ Your Library where one can find tool kits and other resources (as well as a few typos). The Digital Learning Day website toolkits are much more robust including information on Instructional Strategies, which I found particularly helpful since I don’t have a background in education.

Curious to know if any libraries participated and what you did?

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  1. Carol Batt Says:

    Although we are a public library, we took advantage of Digital Learning Day to conduct a training class on downloading to e-Devices through our OverDrive “Downloads 2 Go website.” An enthusiastic group of adults turned out with devices in hand. We created this animoto to share the event which took place at the West Seneca Library, part of the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library System in New York State.

    • Gretchen Caserotti Says:

      Cool! Carol, did you advertise the event as part of the Day or was that an internal decision & it was promoted as a standalone event?

  2. Wendy Stephens Says:

    Gretchen, we had a big school-wide push to pilot BYOD for Digital Learning Day yesterday. We started with PD for the faculty Monday, and then allowed students to use their devices constructively in class. Here are some of the artifacts teachers have sent in:
    We are hoping that it generated enough enthusiasm and positive energy to sway the decision makers who decide on policies related to student-owned hardware,

    • Gretchen Caserotti Says:

      That is great to hear, Wendy. And I shouldn’t be surprised to hear it since you are known for doing such great, progressive work! I suspect school libraries are more likely to participate than public libraries. We are in the middle of a technology education for families series right now at my public library and I’ve put this day on my calendar for next year!

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