Transliteracies: Libraries as the Critical “Classroom”: Computers in Libraries 2011

Yesterday I had the honor of presenting with Gretchen Caserotti at Computers in Libraries over transliteracy and ways to understand, implement, and collaborate in your library.  Below are both of the slidedecks used.



Photos from the presentation courtesy of Courtney Young.

2 Responses to “Transliteracies: Libraries as the Critical “Classroom”: Computers in Libraries 2011”

  1. ashten Says:

    This is such a great presentation. Slide 29 in the first series is fantastic, and should hang in every library as far as I’m concerned! If all librarians would just hop on board with this we could really see things change around us.

  2. Lane Wilkinson Says:

    So sorry I missed CiL. But, from the buzz I’m seeing, congrats to both of you for an excellent session.

    Also: “Transliteracy is *across* not *all*”

    I love this line. I’m definitely going to quote you in my session at LOEX.

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