Looking Forward: What’s New in Year Two

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We’ve always felt that this project was fluid and would grow and shift. In preparation for year two we’ve done some minor things like updated our the “What is Transliteracy” page to “Transliteracy for Beginners” It includes a revised introduction and links to a few key articles as a starting place. We’ve also updated our Reading List if you want to dive into the in depth articles.

Along with some minor changes we’ll be making two significant changes/additions.

Guest Authors

We’ll be posting articles from guest authors. We’ll still have our set of core contributors but we’ll also publish guest posts related to transliteracy from across libraryland and hopefully from some people outside of libraryland too.

Monthly Read-Along

This suggestion has come up up several times as a way to introduce people to the concept and a way to facilitate discussions. At the beginning of each month we’ll post an article or report, all month long we’ll discussion the ideas and issues in the comments of the post.

Thank you for your support in year one. We hope you find the blog interesting and valuable as we move into year two.

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