Transliteracy: Engaging Digital Citizens a Paper by Micah Vandegrift

I can’t tell you how I excited I get when I see MLS students including discussions of transliteracy in their papers, Micah even went so far as to post his on his blog and slideshare.  Thank you Micah!

4 Responses to “Transliteracy: Engaging Digital Citizens a Paper by Micah Vandegrift”

  1. Micah Vandegrift Says:

    Crap… are my APA citations right? Gah! #libraryschoolworries

  2. Micah Vandegrift Says:

    Wow! Thanks for reposting it here Bobbi! I am still sort of new to the idea of Transliteracy, but I am incredibly fascinated by it, and plan to make it a cornerstone of my career in the LIS world. Now I am wishing I would have spent more time on the paper! I’ll call it the first draft of a journal article. 😉

  3. BJ Neary Says:

    Loved Micah’s paper, he will be a great proponent of transliteracy for libraries!

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