Get Your Libraries and Transliteracy Swag!

Yes we’ve opened our very own Cafepress store for Libraries and Transliteracy Swag!  You can get just about anything from coffee cups, totebags (come on you can never have enough totebags) to baseball caps. I ordered a totebag and a coffee cup and you can see the photos on Flickr. We’d love to see pictures of your swag in action, unless of course you are one of the truly adventurous 🙂

All proceeds from sales go to furthering libraries and transliteracy efforts, not into our pockets.

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  1. Looking Back: Our First Year in Review « Libraries and Transliteracy Says:

    […] We ran a contest to for a  logo and had to make a hard choice between all the awesome entries to come up with the official logo and made some great swag available! […]

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