5 Responses to “The New Libraries & Transliteracy Logo”

  1. Looking Back: Our First Year in Review « Libraries and Transliteracy Says:

    […] to for a  logo and had to make a hard choice between all the awesome entries to come up with the official logo and made some great swag […]

  2. lemasney Says:

    Hmmm. I thought I had a shot. Nice one, Ruth!

  3. ruth Says:

    thanks for the kind words, Stephen.

    and yes, a logo should be easily reproducible in tattoo format, too. I’ll take the first (temporary) stamp!

  4. Stephen Abram Says:

    Love it. Nice symbol and explanation.
    Who gets to do the first tattoo!?
    Suggestion: Make some temp ones.

    • Bobbi Newman Says:

      Thanks Stephen! I think Tom said he was going to get it tattooed on his arm before IL so we could all see it 🙂

      Great suggestion for temporary ones, I’ll look into it! and of course I expect you to wear one !

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