Apology for Unwanted Google Ads on this Blog

[tweetmeme source=”librarianbyday” only_single=false]Today I got a reminder that I can always learn something new, even about a tool or service I’ve been using for a long time and *think* I know everything about.

I was viewing this blog without being signed into wordperss.com and noticed a Google ad.

Google Ads on Libraries and Transliteracy - NOT cool

I have had multiple blogs with wordpress.com over the years and never seen a Google ad on any of my sites.  I did some investigating and discovered that those ads are placed there by wordpress.com. You can pay 29.95 a year to have them turned off.


To say I am unhappy is an understatement. I love wordpress.com for blogs, is it the one I recommend to anyone looking to start a blog or web presence.  I’m not so much unhappy about the ads but the fact that I have been blogging with wordpress.com for FIVE years and had no idea this was happening.  I am angry that I was not better informed, that bloggers have NO control over the ads on their site, that the bloggers that write for LaT do so on their own time and dime because they believe in it. I choose wordpress.com because I thought it was the “best” free option for bloggers, but it is not really free.  Would I have chosen it any way knowing about the ads? Maybe. I don’t know.

I want to be clear that neither I, Bobbi, or any of the other bloggers for Libraries and Transliteracy have anything to do with any of the ads or the links provided in them. I offer a sincere apology to all of our readers.


Bobbi Newman

5 Responses to “Apology for Unwanted Google Ads on this Blog”

  1. adunate Says:

    I too found Google ads on my blog http://www.beadedbells.wordpress.com and, like Bobbi, I’m upset. The ads don’t show show up in Safari (the browser I normally work under), but they do in Firefox (the browser I seldom use). Hmmm, I then begin to wonder if WP knows my work habits?!

    I thought WordPress.com was ad free. At the very least, WP should inform its users when and where the ads are being placed.

    Bobbi, your linked has been dropped. Could you please repost.

  2. Is Your Blog Overrun by Google? « Grab and Keel Says:

    […] immediately went in search of answers and found this one (Let me know if this link drops. I have a pdf.) from Bobbie […]

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