Supporting Transliteracy in a High School Library

Please see slides 28-44 from Wendy Stephens, school librarian at Buckhorn High School in New Market, Alabama.  These slides represent how Stephens is nurturing, supporting, and privileging transliterate practices in her library, including a focus on:

  • how students can use texting as a means for discussing reading and books
  • how students can use a Facebook page to mashup their content creations, such as videos, to document their school projects and interests, such as drama
  • how you can use social media to support students experiences, including her students’ work in a local art show
  • a student’s use of Twitter for publishing her poetry (with a focus on haiku)
  • students using movie making tools and YouTube for creating and sharing documentaries of their research project
  • supporting and honoring one student’s efforts to self-publish his novel (which is available on Amazon!)
  • nurturing students reading, discussion, and writing/publication of fan fiction
  • encouragement of a student’s creation of fan art that was eventually included in a book and resulted in a dedication from the author of the book
  • students’ active participation in building the library collection
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