Information is Always Evolving

The video below was made in 2007, the same year the term Transliteracy was coined by Production and Research in Transliteracy (PART).  It was created by Dr. Michael Wesch to show the way we find, house, and share information was changing.

Now in 2010, the video and its content are still relevant  This video really shows how the transliterate individual can do so much with the access to information we now have.  In addition to this, the video shows a clear need to educate people on how to transverse this now limitless sea of information. I think that this is where Participatory Librarianship and Transliteracy go hand in hand.  We need to understand how to help or patrons, students, friends, family, and colleagues become cognizant and comfortable with the tools they will need to communicate and collaborate with others.

Media Literacy in the Digital Age

from the blog:

Media itself is being redefined as part of this new landscape of unlimited space and easy entry points to online publishing. In the new information ecosystem, a high responsibility falls on both producers and consumers of information. For consumers, there is endless material – and the challenge is to find the good blogs, videos, essays, news stories and documentaries of our time. Producers, on the other hand, bear responsibility to adhere to high standards of accuracy, diligence and transparency.

According to the Knight Commission on the Information Needs of Communities in Democracy, successful participation in the digital age of media requires, in part, “the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create the information products.”

But what should “media literacy” or “digital literacy” entail?

Reboot wants to know what you think of how the Common Core Standards define media literacy.  Please take time to share your feedback!

University of Kentucky Integrates Social Media and Digital Media Skills into Curriculum

From the Kentucky Kernel -

The College of Arts and Sciences has teamed up with the College of Communications to bring a new, cutting-edge class to UK.

The team has decided to combine English composition with oral speech and digital media to help students acquire the social media skills necessary to function in today’s workplace.

“I think students at UK will be excited about the way we teach these courses. Everything from how to compose e-mails and text messages to how to interact with your roommate and manipulate photos for visuals will be discussed,” said Roxanne Mountford, director of the Division of Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Media.

The colleges have essentially combined English 104 and Communications 181 to create a two-sequence course that all fall 2011 freshmen will be required to take.

via dmlcentral

New Media Literacies for the 21st Century

Howard Rheingold spoke at UC Berkeley Center for Health Leadership about New Media Literacies for the 21st Century. Though he was speaking to health professionals the message can be applied to everyone.

“Youth Safety on a Living Internet”: Report of the Online Safety and Technology Working Group

The “Youth Safety on a Living Internet” report from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s  Online Safety and Working Technology Group, released Friday, June 4, advises that scare tactics related to online safety and blocked access to social networking sites is detrimental and does more harm than good to youth.   The findings of this report bolsters the efforts of librarians and educators to fight restrictive filtering policies that block students’ access to  content that can be used to help youth access, read, write, and interact with multiple forms of media via the web.

According to Larry Magid, Technology Journalist for the Huffington Post and member of this task force:

” What we concluded is that we need to go beyond worrying about predators and pornography and start thinking about young people as active participants – true citizens – in an increasingly interactive online environment where young people are just as likely to create content as they are to consume it.”


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